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Create Your Own Branded Store for Local Deliveries.

A super simple, reliable, and affordable online store for local deliveries. Comes with everything from payments, WhatsApp Notifications, Delivery Management, and even Cashback. Start selling in less than 5 minutes!

Did You Know?

Most people aren't selling online effectively today.


Don't have an online store

78% of businesses don't have an online store, or barely have a functioning website. In fact, most don't have mobile-compatible websites too.


Poor Buying Experience

Over 80% of existing online stores have a complicated buying experience with many forms to fill up, resulting in many lost customers.


Poor Customer Retention

72% of online store customers don't come back simply because most sellers don't run effective loyalty programs to increase customer retention.

Why Sellers Love Us

We give sellers total control over their brand and more.

Sell in less than 5 minutes

Simply add your products and start selling. Branded Store comes bundled with multiple payment gateways and delivery management, making selling super simple for anyone.

Lowest Transaction Fees

Not only does Branded Store come bundled with multiple payment gateways, our gateway fees are the lowest in the market at just 1.9% per transaction — allowing you to greatly increase your profits.

WhatsApp Notifications & Alerts

Easily send and receive order notifications on WhatsApp, SMS, and Email. In fact, Branded Store comes built in with tools to automatically re-engage customers to keep them coming back.

Set Your Own Delivery Prices

With Branded Store, you can easily manage local deliveries and shipping automatically. Not only can you set your own delivery prices, we help you automate the entire process of collecting payments and managing orders.

Offer Cashback for Returning Customers

Increase customer retention by offering cashback when they shop from you. The best part? Everything happens automatically and there's no management on your part.

Discount Vouchers + Minimum Spend

Easily attract customers to shop from you with highly customizable discount coupons/vouchers. Increase revenues by only allowing customers to use vouchers after a minimum spend.

Business Intelligence

Gain in-depth insights and analytics on your business. We provide powerful analytics to help you understand more about how well you are retaining your customers.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Branded Store automates most of the tedious tasks you would do, ranging from address collection, price calculations, receipts, order fulfilment, and more.

We Promote Your Store

We help you find customers by promoting your store on partner e-commerce sites (ie: Google Shopping). It's free marketing!

Send as a Gift

Give customers the option to send products as gifts to their friends/family. Not only does this increase sales, it helps spread the word for your store too!

Pay Promoters Automatically

Easily increase sales by offering commissions to promoters. The best part? Payouts are all done automatically by Branded Store, allowing you to focus on what you do best — growing your business.

Super Simple & Fast Buying Experience

Branded Store is designed for extremely fast buying. From selecting products to payments, we make the checkout experience extremely smooth and fast for your customers — allowing you to sell more.

What sellers are saying

"Branded Store has made it possible for us to start our home-made desserts business with minimal costs. We love how simple it is and the support they provide is incredible! Definitely recommended for anyone looking to start selling online quickly and easily."

Ooi, Founder of X I A Desserts

"This is the most user-friendly platform I’ve ever used for selling. It doesn’t require me to have any experience in e-commerce to setup, dummy-proof. It has all the functions I need to promote sales, including vouchers and referral programmes, all these marketing tools in a single pricing. Strongly recommended for e-commerce beginners!"

Ong, Owner of Duriostay

"Branded Store is so simple to use, especially for non tech people like us! Their customer support representative helped us get started all the way! If you're looking for an online store to start selling quickly, do check them out!"

Chow, Owner of Taste of HK

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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll help clear all your doubts.

Why use Branded Store?

Branded Store is all about helping people/businesses sell online very quickly, with the simplest buying experience for customers.

Our solution comes with everything needed to manage orders, receive payments, handle local deliveries, and even offer cashback for returning customers!

The best part is, it's extremely affordable (no monthly fees or long term contracts)!

Who is Branded Store suitable for?

Branded Store is best suited for individuals/businesses that sell their products locally, with a focus on on-demand / next-day deliveries.

While our online store is best for small to medium sellers, we also cater our service all the way to large enterprises as well.

What makes Branded Store different from others?

Branded Store's is all about helping local businesses sell online and manage their deliveries with simplicity, reliability, and affordability.

We realized that most online stores are very complicated to set up, expensive, and many sellers struggled to get started — We want to change that.

At the same time, we wanted to provide a store that's super easy for customers to make their purchases, with no complex forms and complicated checkout processes — by making the buying experience super simple, fast, and seamless.

How many products can I add?

There is no limit to the number of products you can add on Branded Store.

Does the store come with payment gateways?

Yes! In fact, Branded Store accepts all major payment methods. Money is wired to you automatically within 5 business days.

Can I receive order notifications on WhatsApp?

Yes! Not only will you receive order notifications on WhatsApp, you will also receive them on SMS and Email.

In other words, you'll never miss an order ever again.

Can I offer CashBack to returning customers?

Yes! That's one of the best parts about Branded Store.

Not only can you easily offer CashBack to your returning customers, everything is processed automatically on Branded Store and there's absolutely no management on your part

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Branded Store lets you start selling online in less than 5 minutes. It comes with a super simple shopping experience, and everything you need to get paid, manage deliveries, and reward loyal customers.

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