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CRM - An Essential Part of The New Normal

CRM solutions allow businesses to maximize earnings by understanding customers' needs and wants.

Thanks to COVID-19, gone are the days where F&B outlets didn’t have to consider Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an essential part of the business. F&B outlets realize that their customer database is more important than it has ever been. Globally, these outlets are struggling to stay afloat, let alone thrive.

Let’s use this for an example. A customer comes into the outlet. This particular customer has an amazing meal and pays for his meal and leaves. That’s it. Traditionally, that has been the business model for F&B outlets. Customers are arguably worth their weight in gold in the current pandemic. By identifying who the customers are and finding out what attracted them to your outlet, you have a better chance of getting them back again. With the right CRM model, you can establish:

Knowing your customers - You’ll be able to know their preferences and frequency of patronizing your establishment. Information such as average spend will be available at your fingertip and a proper advertising/promotional campaign can be launched in attracting them back.

Building a relationship - In the right hands, customers’ data (birthdays, and anniversaries) can be a very powerful tool. In the right hands, you’ll position yourself to build an intimate relationship with the customer in ensuring that they feel appreciated and cared for.

Growth in sales - A returning customer is a happy customer. By keeping enough customers happy, you’ll be able to grow the business through their repeated business.

Offer loyalty programmes - By having a loyalty programme, you’re giving the customer an additional reason to come back. This positive reinforcement will keep customers happy.

Improves marketing campaigns - Successfully knowing your customers will result in you being able to segmentize the different types of customers. With accurate information you’ll be able to get the most out of your marketing spend.

Implementing all the strategies above in tandem will position your business to be primed for success even though there is a pandemic going on. 

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